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Apr 3

WGM: Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young Ep. 2

WGM: Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young


Hello Peeps, so I’m back with the next episode of our  new couple on WGM. So, I know it’s kind of late and yeah the episode already air like this past weekend, but cut me some slack because I had to study for tests and quizzes. Anyway enough said so let’s get started with this lovely new couple. Plus, have anybody gave this couple a name, you know like how we have the Jung Jung couple…so any…

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Apr 3

Wish/Hope Movie Review

Last week while I wasn’t studying for my Human Physiology Test I stayed up to find a good movie to watch. Lately, I haven’t been able to find a really good movie or drama to watch. However, I then came upon a move titled, Wish or Hope. It’s a Korean Film based on a real case that happened in 2008 when a young girl got raped by a drunken old guy on her way to school. And movies like those (based…

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Pop Quiz: Which member are you (2ne1 and SNSD)?

So I don’t usually do these kind of things but once in a while when a friend send me the link I like to do it for fun………and so I took the pop quiz and I’m satisfied with my results. In fact, I’m super duper happy with my results. So, here is my result………………………………………………………………………………


CL Fierce and edgy, you are always on the search for new ways of expressing yourself whether it’s through…

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JJCC Debut’s Review

OMG have you heard about Jackie Chan’s Kpop boy-band? Because I sure haven’t been keeping up with any of this news and when I heard it from a friend and my older sister I was yeah blah blah–Wh-what? DOUBLE JC?! That’s right Jackie Chan has officially debuted his boys into the Kpop Industry. So, before actually going into the review of the music video let’s talk about the group itself.

If you’re…

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2NE1: Come Back Home Review

Hello peeps, it’s been a while since I did a music video review. So, I’m back with another music video review and this time I’ll be reviewing 2ne1′s Come Back Home. I decided not to do their song Crush because I didn’t really like that song; however, if anyone wants to do a review on that song and submit it in then I will gladly post it under your name. So, let’s get started.

2ne1 come back home 1 2ne1 come back home


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