Because You are, I am


The Day We Met

The day we met
You looked me in the eyes.
Boldly staring at me,
Until I looked away.
That fierce gaze
I remember.

In your nerdy glass,
You smile at me.
Holding my arm,
Claiming me your
Partner in crime.
My heart rate increases
Each time I think of it.

Your petite height,
That you always make
Me sit and do splits.
I was tired, but it
Was fun being with you.
My world was brighter.

With you I can…

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Like a Petal

Her smile sweet as chocolate sundae,
Her embrace warm as the sun.
She gave her everything to the world,
Running and chasing like a wild horse.
She came like a blooming flower
And like a wilted flower
She vanished like the petals falling off.
Carried away with the winds
As the she dance one last time.

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Flames of desire grow,
Wanting of you increases.
Our hands meet as we kiss
Under the moonlight.
All eyes lay on us in the streets.
Whisperings surround us,
But you’re with me.

Nothing is wrong with the way
We choose to love.
We are mere humans,
That can’t control our passion.
Not a robot, not a fairy tale princess.
Just you and me, that’s who we are.
Together we are one, we are strong.


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Memory Frames

Emptiness surrounds the room,
Crooked frames and chipped walls;
The chandelier half hanging.
Stairs creaking and squeaking,
Dust balls dancing on the floor.

Staring at the screen,
Looking at our love story.
Black and white memories.
Teardrops of my heart.

Your ash tray sits still,
Where you last left it.
Your pair of slippers I placed
Each night waiting for you.

Tell me, what happened?
Tell me,…

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The boy I don’t like keeps
Calling and texting.
The boy I like ignores me
In the middle of the walkway.
Blind dates, I’ve been
There aplenty.

All these couples that skip
By me, I want to blow them
Away, far far away.
Oh, even the girls uglier
Than me have handsome boyfriends.

Why oh why?
Tonight, let’s have a drink
By the ocean’s breeze.
Gulp down all these worries
And feeling of loneliness.

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