Because You are, I am



The boy I don’t like keeps
Calling and texting.
The boy I like ignores me
In the middle of the walkway.
Blind dates, I’ve been
There aplenty.

All these couples that skip
By me, I want to blow them
Away, far far away.
Oh, even the girls uglier
Than me have handsome boyfriends.

Why oh why?
Tonight, let’s have a drink
By the ocean’s breeze.
Gulp down all these worries
And feeling of loneliness.

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Hmong Isn’t a Certified Language

“Why isn’t a valid language?” My cousin said these words with frustration this morning when she was trying to fill out an online work application.

Yes, I to sometimes question myself that same question and I also get frustrated sometimes when I upon a question that reads “Is English your native language?” Of course, I’ll put no but sometimes I have to put yes. Since, most of the time when you…

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Hair Pin

From the finest jade stone,
Roughest and artistic hands,
I present you this hair pin.
Decor with the Buddha’s lotus
Made of pure China clay.
I decree to you this precious pin.

Any damsels that shall possess
This pin, worn on her own hair
Shall become the most beautifulest.
For only the most eleganceness
Can only have it.
Cause it is the most finest of all.

Blood has been shed over this
Deadly hair…

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My Grandpa’s Secret Ch. 4

“Cheng, this is boring. Can’t we do something fun? I mean we’re always here eating and I’m getting tired of eating Thai food. Plus, we’re always going to the Dollar Theatre; I want to go see a new movie.”

“Okay, next time. I promise,” he replies to his girlfriend. After that date night, at least it is according to his friends, they were making fun about how he is a player going around fooling…

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My Grandpa’s Secret Part 3

“Hello, Gao Zong?”


“This is Cheng.”

“Hi, Cheng,” she replies as her friends all giggle and she signals for them to quiet down.

“We’re here outside of the restaurant.”

“Come in, we’re already here. Just tell the hostess that you’re looking for Gabriella Sanchez.”

“Okay, thank you.” (more…)

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